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Angels were with me

I was coming home one day from visiting  my mom in the nursing home, my mind thinking of her and how she will never be able  come home again.  As I came upon the road I was to bear to the right on, I noticed a library truck coming down a hill onto my road at  a speed to fast to be able to stop at the stop sign.  I had to think quickly,  as I knew I would not be able to stop.  My guardian angel took over and drove us thru 3 medians and back the highway without skipping a beat.  As I looked up in my rear view mirror, I saw the truck sitting in the middle of the highway wondering what had just happen.  I did too.

As I go back that way now,  I know that I could not have made that drive alone.  It appears to be holes and ruts everywhere, I would have turned over on my own.  Thanks to my guardian angel for bringing me out alive and unhurt.

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