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Angels in the Hospital

by Donna Clark

In October of 1993, my Grandmother took suddenly ill while at church. She was experiencing severe pain in her abdominal area. The doctor admitted her for tests and observation, they couldn’t find an apparent cause of the pain. The following afternoon, the pain was still severe, she ask to sit up on the bed and as I helped her up she had a seizure, followed by a stroke. The doctors spent the next eight hours by her bedside trying to stabilize her.  

The family was gathered out in the hall awaiting any news, the medical staff came out periodically to advise us of any changes. They had told us that she was bleeding internally and unless God undertook there wasn’t much they could do except try to stabilize her. We began to pray and ask God to intervene on her behalf. The next report showed some improvement.  

Early in the evening, we were still holding the vigil outside the room, when we notice a couple walking toward us. The couple appeared to be in their late sixties. As they walked hand in hand we didn’t hear their footsteps on the tile floor, they seemed to just float along. Their gaze was fixed on my Grandfather, when they reached him they took his hands, looked him in the eyes and ask to pray for him. He agreed for them to pray.  

After prayer, the man shook his hand and said “Brother, God will be with you, we know what your going through.” They then turned and walked back down the hall. Still no sounds of footsteps, still hand in hand.  

When they reached the end of the hall I was watching the mirror which should have shown them leaving the hospital, instead they disappeared. We all stood, amazed. This being a small town and our family being lifelong residence we knew most everyone in town. No one recognized the couple. No one saw were they went when they turned the corner at the end of the hall.  

However, not one of us could deny the overwhelming peace that was left there. My grandmother died later that evening. Many times since her death we have discussed the presence of those angels. My grandfather was given more strength then we ever thought possible. I am a firm believer that God sends His angels to minister to us when we need them most. We may not always see them as we did this couple, but they are there.  

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