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Angelic Faces

At twenty, the year I accepted Christ as my Lord, I began the habit of daily mediation and prayer. One late Saturday morning I decided to delay my day’s activities for another “nap”. As I got close to my bed to meditate, all my energy drained from me and I barely made it to my bed and flopped over it sideways.

I thought I had fallen into a deep deep sleep. But somehow, in a dream, I watched these beautiful light, fluffy clouds rolling in my view like a high speed camera would film clouds.   And when the entire area was filled with these thick, light clouds, I watched a bright, bright spark of light start in the very center of these clouds. As I watched in my “dream”, the clouds rolled back to display the most beautiful female face I could ever imagine. There is no human who could come close to this stunning beauty. Her face was radiant with light and her eyes deep sparks of blue.

I thought to mysef in this dream, “my, what a beautiful picture.” And as soon as I completed this thought, the very picture I was looking at, smiled at me in response to my thought.  It was such a surprise to me that I woke up.  And upon waking up, I realized that I wasn’t that deeply asleep but was in that twilight where one is almost asleep, and not awake either (alpha, is it?).  I told my 67-year-old retired missionary counsel, Anne about this in our prayer meeting;  she then shared with her sister, Ethel.

Later on that week when I was at Anne’s home, she  arranged to call Ethel and I described to Ethel this perfect angel face I saw . ( I thought it must be the highest of all angels). But Ethel said, “oh that’s my guardian angel, who helps me in church so much.”

How much beauty Heaven must hold if this absolutely perfect and so beautiful angel face was a regular guardian angel of my friend’s sister.

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