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Angel Who Bought the Flute

by Karen LaRoche

A number of years ago, when my two girls, Sarah and Rebecca, were 15 and 13 years old, respectively, the three of us were very financially strapped. It was necessary to advertise Rebecca’s flute for sale. I left for work the following morning, and gave them strict instructions not to reveal any personal information on the telephone, and definitely not give out our address to anyone and I would take care of that when I returned home from work. They were not to deal with anyone directly; they were told to take telephone numbers and nothing else.

When I walked in the door from work, they excitedly said they had sold the flute! I was stunned and angry as I had told them to never talk to a stranger or answer the door in my absence.

They began to tell me their incredible story. It seems a kind, older lady, who identified herself as a former elementary school teacher, had come to the door after they returned from school that day. They felt so comfortable letting her in to look at the flute, and not at all threatened by her presence. She told them that the flute was worth more than we had asked, and gave my two girls twice the asking price. They liked her instantly and felt very safe around her, enough to disregard my instructions to never let “strangers” in the house.

I never believed for one moment that it was anything but a heavenly visit from an Angel sent from God in our time of need. The Angel was “disguised” as someone two young girls would naturally trust: an older lady, and a former elementary school teacher. I’m not sure there are too many situations where someone gives you twice the asking price, either!

I am just as amazed 10 years later, as I was on that day when the Angel bought Rebecca’s flute!

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