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Angel Voices

Have you heard the voice of an angel? Three of our members have. Their stories are simple, yet profound. They will always believe they heard the voice of an angel.

When Michelle Waits thanks God she is especially grateful for simply being alive. Adopted when she was sixteen years of age, she spent the first part of her life with her biological mother, an alcoholic and drug addict. Although it is painful for Michelle to talk about she relates that she almost died several times during her early childhood but “something” seemed to save her. One day when her mother was walking home she fell into a bank of snow and started falling off to sleep but she kept hearing a voice telling her, “Wake up! Your children need you!” Michelle believes that the voice of an angel kept her mother awake. Says Michelle, “To this day I wonder if I would still be alive if that angel didn’t keep [my mother] awake.”

When Phyllis Neff (whose name in Hebrew is Tfillah [prayer]) was seriously ill an angel named Michael helped her to realize that Jesus and His promises were to be taken seriously. Said Phyllis, “I asked Jesus to send his angel to help my sorry self out.” Although she has trusted God in his word and has received counsel and guidance through her pastor God sent Michael to her –not once, but twice– when she asked Him to do so. Phyllis, a Jewish believer in Jesus, says “I was sick and needed help. I got it and thank you! Like God, the angel came and brought healing in his wings.”

Pamela remembers this like it was yesterday. She relates, “It was May 6, 2003, a beautiful clear and sunny day. I was serving in the Army in Seoul Korea and coming back to the Company from a mission. I was in front of a Humvee leading the driver in when all of a sudden, the Humvee ran over me. My left leg was pinned under the right front tire. I passed out on the pavement from what had seemed like a long time. While I was unconscious I saw the most beautiful light and what I would call “little dots”. The dots were other people standing in the distance and I was determined to walk to them. Then I noticed a beautiful woman. She had long brown hair and the warmest smile that I had ever seen. She did not say a word but I understood the message she was relating: “God is not ready for you yet.”

Suddenly I was back into my body and when I woke up, the whole company was around me trying to comfort me. A year later, I was looking over some old high school pictures and came across a picture of an old high school friend who was murdered 18 years ago. She had long brown hair and the warmest smile and I recognized the beautiful woman (an angel?) who came to me to say that God was not ready for me yet. And you know what? I believe it. I have two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband. I still have yet a life to live. Thank You!

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