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Angel Visitations

By Harold Bluer

My name is Harold and I am a senior citizen. My wife and I live in our own home. I am hard of hearing and wear a hearing aid in both ears. Our rooms are across the hall from each other. One evening my wife became ill and was calling me for almost an hour, even though we are only a few feet from each other and the doors are both open I could not hear her and she was dizzy and could not get up. All of a sudden there was an angel standing beside my bed, it was all silver. I was not afraid, I just got up and went into my wife’s room. The angel disappeared. We rushed my wife to hospital and thank goodness it just turned out to be and inner ear infection. I have always believed we have guardian angels.

We believe that everyone has a guardian angel. When I was in the hospital several years ago I was given a 10% chance of coming out of the operation. The family had all gathered. I survived the surgery but spent a long time in the hospital. When I was in intensive care there was a nurse that looked after me and I always call her Gabriel. When I was finally moved to the ward she came to the door of my room and looked in on me. I didn’t see her after that. When I got out of the hospital I wanted to give her something for being so special. When I asked my doctor to find out her name, there was no-one of that name there and of that description. She had looked after me for quite some time so we could not explain this, so I decided she must have been my guardian angel!!

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