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Angel that Blew the Car Horn

By Carrie
One Saturday in October 1976 my husband, me and our three young children were driving to a church camp at Burrell Pines on the NSW (Australian) South Coast when our lives were saved by a miracle of God’s Divine intervention.

The day before we left on our trip the car horn suddenly stopped working and there wasn’t any time to get it fixed. My husband assured me it would be o.k., he’d get it fixed when we got back home.

When we were nearly at the top of a crest as we were driving up the Clyde Mountain, the car horn started blowing and wouldn’’t stop! Then suddenly another car came over the rise on the wrong side of the road, over double lines, straight towards us!

My husband braked hard and tried to swerve to avoid being hit head-on, but there was no where to go! The car, driven by an elderly man, was overtaking a slow moving sand-truck and next to the truck was the side of the mountain! On our left-hand side was a sheer drop of several hundred metres with no guard rails to protect us from going straight over.

My husband then said, “I’m not driving this car, someone else is in charge of it!” To prove it he momentarily took his hands off the steering wheel and I saw it turn sharply left and all the while the car horn just kept on blowing.

I will never forget the look of sheer terror on the faces of the elderly couple in the other car as they headed straight for us. I can still see the man’s white knuckles as he tightly gripped the steering wheel and made no attempt to turn it, or to even slow down. The couples’ mouths were wide open and the entire colour had drained from their faces, as their car kept coming straight towards us.

Our cars were only centimetres from colliding head-on, when suddenly, we’d passed! Maybe I blinked at the time, because I can’t explain what happened and neither can my husband. But he does acknowledge it wasn’’t due to anything he did.

After we were out of danger, the car horn just stopped and never blew again!  (Later, when we got home, the mechanic said that the horn had well and truly had it; it was impossible for it to have started blowing all by itself)!

I honestly believe that an angel blew the car’s horn to warn us of the impending danger and maybe even to signal other angels to respond to the emergency – how else did we pass that car? Angels must have carried our car over the top of the other car, or else they laid down to make a road for us to drive on, because there certainly wasn’’t enough road for three vehicles to safely pass. However it happened I give God the glory, because thanks to Him we were all kept safe that day.


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