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Angel on the Highway

by K. Hernandez

My husband and I were driving back to our home from my parents’ house just
after midnight on Christmas Eve in 1995. We were, by my calculations, the only
car on the highway for miles.

Suddenly, our car started having problems so we took the first exit from the
highway to return to my parents’ house and stay the night. Just as we exited
and tried to turn around the car simply ‘died’ and my husband could not get
it started again.
It was a very cold and dark night. We were without a cell phone and almost a
mile from the nearest gas station. As I gathered my things to prepare for the
hike to the gas station, I said a prayer for help.

As if out of nowhere we saw headlights beaming from behind us, so bright they
nearly blinded us. We wondered if the car would stop- and it did. A man got
out and said he’d seen us back on the highway and it looked like we were having
car problems so he exited the highway to check on us.

Amazed, I looked at my husband. We hadn’t seen any other cars near us for miles!
How could he have noticed us from that far and ‘just happened’ to follow us??!!

The man drove us to the gas station where we called my parents. Before he left
I thanked him and said, “You are our Guardian Angel tonight.” He smiled
and said he was glad to help. He didn’t have anywhere to go, he said, so he
thought he’d do a good deed. We made it back to my parents’ house and spent
the night, safe and warm. Whether he was an angel or just a person sent by God
to help us, I’ll never know. But he did save us that night.

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