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Angel in the Phys-Ed Class

Submitted by Linda Pierce

I was about 14 years old. I came from a home with alcoholic parents and virtually alone. I had no friends and was dabbling in witchcraft and any other form of occult studies that I could find. I wanted to kill my dad through witchcraft. I went to the local university library by bus, found the book I wanted, and I opened it up to the spell…then the evil began to emanate from the book, and I closed it and ran out of the library. I told no one what I had done or what had happened.

I went back to school. I was depressed, and decided that the only way to stop what was happening to me, was to kill myself. I planned out my death, in detail. When I got to PE class, there was a new girl at school. She was Mexican, had long black hair, and wore a star on her cheek. PE was the only class I had with her, and she was in my warm up group. She tried to make friends with me. But I was too withdrawn. For about three weeks she came over and spoke to me, tried to make conversation, get me to do something…but I just was too depressed. Finally she grabbed me by both shoulders and shook me and said, “Linda, all I want to be is your friend!”

Those words cut into me like knife. I went home and did some soul searching, and I decided that if I didn’t choose to change, I’d either be dead or in a mental institution. I went happily back to school, looking forward to PE. When I got to class…she wasn’t there. Well, everyone gets sick, I thought. However, a week passed and she didn’t show up. Another week passed. Another week passed.

This was strange, so I asked my PE teacher about her. I was worried that something happened to her. The PE teacher said no new students came into her class during the last couple of months. I got chills. So I went to my councilor and told her this story. She searched the school’s records to the foundation of the school…no one had ever been admitted by her name during the twenty-five years that school had been in existence.

The next year, I went to high school. I was still withdrawn, still lonely, but two girls sat with me and ate lunch. One was a junior; the other was a senior whose father was a Baptist preacher. The thing that struck me was that I saw the same love in those two girls that I saw in the angel I met in my PE class. Those two girls led me to Christ. It wasn’t until several years later after I became a Christian, that the Lord revealed to me that the Mexican girl was an angel.


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