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Angel in My Kitchen

I was a young single mom and allowed myself to be over stressed with worry. I had to decide to spend the balance of a month’s budget for either a snow suit or a pair of expensive corrective shoes for my toddler.  I was immature in my faith and repeatedly prayed for a “sign from God” to show me which item I should buy.  I got my sign and more.

Before I returned home from work, a neighbor stopped me on the street to say she found a pair of shoes for my son at a yard sale (new in the box and from an expensive store), and asked if I would be offended if she gave them to my son.  What a blessing.

I heard my kitchen phone ringing as I was unlocking my door.  I rushed in leaving my toddler in his stroller on the porch,  The call was from yet another friend who wanted to know if I needed a snow suit.  She bought it 13 year ago for her nephew, when he outgrew it she stored it in a box and happened to find it.  Another blessing,

As she was speaking to me, I turned to check on my son.  Sitting at the kitchen table between me and my baby was a man!  I was terrified, I could not even scream, I felt I could to be killed if I tried get past him. I didn’t know how I was going to protect my little boy.

The man was was wearing a long black coat and hat with wide brim hiding his face.  He was sitting with his knees spread and hands resting on his thighs, he was looking down toward his shoes.  He slowly raised his face and as soon as I met his eyes the terror I felt just melted away.  I felt such love beaming from him, and though he didn’t say a word, I heard his message clearly in my head.  He told me to remember that if God takes care of every bird in the sky, why couldn’t I trust Him enough to know God will be there for me?  God loved me and I needed to trust that He will be sure I would be able to take care of myself and my son.

The message was clear to me instantly and I was filled with such love and peace.   When I began to realize what was happening to me and what he had “said”  the man  started to fade away in front of my eyes,  He dissolved like spinning sugar crystals.

My friend on the phone was shouting in a panic, I couldn’t speak to her, I couldn’t put in to words what was happening. I truly believe I am one of the few whom God would allow to see his own messenger.

I have not seen the man since.  When life got rough I looked for him but never again felt I needed “a sign” God was with me. After 39 years I still get goosebumps to try to tell the story of the Angel in my kitchen.
Event happened November 1972
Springfield, IL

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