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Angel at the Train Station

by Donna Murray, Australia

I had to stay with my mother in law at her house for a few days when I got very ill with a viral condition in my stomach. I went to the doctors and he gave me some tablets but they did not help. I decided then that I would travel by train to my sister’s house as I had planned on visiting her, with my large full suitcase and handbag. The train journey was about 3 hours. All the way, I was in such pain with the viral condition. I was getting the cramps in my tummy in waves.

I didn’t know what else to do but pray, being a Christian. I prayed all the way to the city. Finally, about half an hour before arrival, still suffering, I wondered how I was going to retrieve my big suitcase from the place where the luggage is kept on the train, lug it down the ramp to the ticket sales, buy a new ticket to my sister’s suburb, and then lug this suitcase back up another ramp to wait for the train. So I prayed to the Lord, that He would help me just to do all of that successfully.

When I got off the train, the pain eased and then stopped. I was able to handle the suitcase down the ramp, buy the ticket and just before I went to go through the ticket taker’s door up into the next ramp, I noticed a young man standing there. I didn’t think much of it at the time. He was a bit on the tall side, nice looking, but not overly handsome, quite ordinary really in jeans, shirt and runners. When I went to pass him he asked me where I was going. I told him and he said that he was going that way anyway and “could I help you with your suitcase?” I said that it would be great if he would do that so we walked together up the ramp and I was so pleased I didn’t have to lug that case up the ramp to the train platform. When we got there he said good-bye, that he had to leave. I said to him, ‘hey I thought you were coming this way…” but he muttered something I could barely hear and took off down the ramp, the way we had come up.

I did think that was a bit odd…and I only realized later how my prayer had been answered. I knew that he was an angel in a human body for a while to help me out! I will add here, that once in the train, my stomachache returned! What I do remember about him was the feeling of being absolutely safe and secure with the perfect stranger. I have not one doubt about that.

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