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Amee’s Angel

This story is possibly fictional but is still a great inspiration — a “modern day” parable that restores one’s faith in God’s love.

There was still a steady rain when Amee trudged into the shelter at the bus stop that evening. Sitting heavily on the bench, she stared at a muddy gutter, and wondered when things would ever change. So much had been wrong; she felt she was slowly being crushed inside. The physical therapy after the auto accident was only supposed to be for a couple weeks.

The weeks had stretched to months, and although she could walk now, she still fought for
balance on her steps, and the numbing ache still robbed her of sleep most nights.
Her broken collarbone still ached too, when it rained, like today. Her stomach
growled, and she grimaced at the thought of food. All the medications were ruining
her appetite. She was so tired of being sick. So tired of being tired. Amee
sat lost in thought, as the rain dripped steadily off the awning.

Suddenly, Amee was aware of white service shoes in front of her line of vision.
Startled, she followed the sturdy uniform-clad legs up to see pudgy tan hands
clasped around an ample waist within a bright blue scrub shirt. She looked up
into a pair of crinkled-rimmed kind brown eyes, and realized a woman was speaking
to her.

“Ya all right, honey?” she was saying. Without warning, Amee burst
into tears. In seconds, the woman had stepped close, and pulled Amee’s head
to her ample bosom, and held her quietly close. The moment passed, and Amee
straightened up, apologizing profusely through her tears.

“Stop Amee,” said the soft voice. “God knows when we’re drowning,
and need His touch. The sun will come out again for you.” Gently she kissed
Amee’s forehead, and turned to walk away.

“Wait!” cried Amee, “How did you know my name?!”

“God knows all His children by name, child.”

As Amee blinked in astonishment, the bus arrived, blocking her view. As she
stood up, shaking her head, the voice came again. At the same moment as the
breaking sunbeams. In the mist steaming off the pavement, Amee distinctly heard,
“He knows you needed to be held in His arms, for just a moment. To hear
His heartbeat. He sent me to wrap you in it today.”

Author unknown

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