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Angel at Airth Castle

By Carrie

In May this year (2004) my husband and I were traveling by tour bus around the U.K. As we were driving to our overnight hotel stay at Airth Castle Hotel, near Falkirk, Scotland, the bus slowed down because there was traffic jam up ahead. We had a Scottish dinner to go to that night in another town and at the rate we were traveling we thought we’d never make it there in time. Finally the bus came to a complete halt as the road we needed to turn on to had been closed due to an accident. The police told our driver he’d have to find another way to get to our destination as the road was going to be closed for several hours because there had been a fatality. I said a prayer for the victim and his family who would be getting the news of his death before too long.

The bus driver tried to find another road to the hotel but he couldn’t; he didn’t know the area. He became more and more frustrated as he kept driving around and around in circles and coming back to the closed off road again and again. I prayed to God again, this time for help to get us safely to our hotel.

Just as I’d finished praying a little blue car suddenly appeared in front of the bus. Everyone, including the bus driver and female tour guide was surprised, as no one had seen the car pull in front of the bus or where it came from either. The car driver, who was dressed like a hotel porter, signaled our bus driver to follow him, and he did. We drove for about thirty minutes down narrow county roads that our bus driver didn’t know existed, until finally we could see Airth Castle in the distance. We all cheered when we saw the castle.

When the bus stopped in front of the hotel our tour guide said she’d go and thank the driver of the little blue car; but when she got out, he and the car were nowhere in sight! When she made enquiries about him at the hotel desk, she was informed that he couldn’t have been one of their porters as they were all accounted for!

Could he have been an angel? I fully believe so, because he suddenly appeared when I prayed to God to help us find our way to the hotel and disappeared just as suddenly after we arrived there. We are told in the Bible that if we trust Him, God will direct our paths. Well, He certainly directed our path that day.

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