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An angel in the family

My sister Kali was born on June 14, 1995. She is the closest to heaven that I have ever received. When she was in kindergarten she helped this disabled child – counted his cookies and helped him out with anything.

I didn’t really believe in God or angels because I had a dad who was mean. I thought that God didn’t care and that he hated me.

That was until April 17, 2001. My sister was run over and killed.

I felt lost. It forced me to believe in God. I finally understood why God gave me Kali for awhile. It was to help me out with the fact that my dad was mean and what he was doing was not right. It was to help me out with the rest of my life. Since she died I have seen a lot of evil and not a lot of good. She was sent to me to remind me that even though there is a lot of evil, there is more that is good.

I have a better dad now and my life is not easy, but that’s when I talk to Kali. I sometimes see her and hear her in my dreams. When things are really bad she will give me a picture that I draw. It’s the gift God gave to me. I draw him and my sister waiting for me at the gates of Heaven.

My angel will never leave me and I can’t wait to see her.

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