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A Sign From God

Several years ago a song writer penned the words, “God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.” Such is this man’s angel story. God touched his heart in a totally unexpected way when he experienced what he believes to be angel visitations after his mother’s death.

by Robert Buckell

I had never been a religious man.

My mother was born on Christmas day 1935. She passed away on 16 December 2005. I was with her at hospital in the morning at the time of her death. I held her hand, talked to her and kissed her as she passed away. Just before passing I asked her to come back and show me a sign.

That same evening I sat in my living room with my wife and young son. We had just placed Christmas presents under the tree and hanging from the tree were Angels. My son was talking about the Angels on the tree and as he did so a tiny white feather appeared from nowhere above me and fluttered down onto my lap. We all watched the feather and were amazed as to where it came from. We have no birds as pets and in fact I am allergic to feather bedding so have none in the house. A week later we held my mothers funeral. I spoke to the priest and told him about the feather. He told me that there were so many of these unexplained events that could not be rationalized or explained away and could only be the work of God. He told me I should be convinced by now about a higher power.

On the same day both my brother and sister found tiny white feathers in their houses. Since then I have again found another white feather, as have they and I now remain utterly convinced that Angels have visited all of us. A sign from God has been sent in the form of these Angelic visitations. My mother is now in the care of God.

I am now a religious man.

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