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A Marines Angel

My uncle was the most gentle man I have ever met.  In my entire lifetime, he never once raised his voice or said a hateful word to anyone. He was always the first to volunteer to help the community, or a neighbor.  It surprised me very much to learn, after my childhood, that he was once a Marine in the Korean war.

My uncle, Jack, never discussed his experiences while in the Marines,  that is until I became one myself.  Shortly after returning home from Parris Island I visited him.  He showed me horrible pictures of death, talked of being wounded saving his buddies, and the Inchon reservoir.  He then told me the story I am about to tell  all of you.  I do this so that maybe you will also be moved to believe.

On some unknown hill in the middle of an intense firefight  Jack found himself,  pinned down while advancing toward an enemy  position.  He was about to find more cover in a nearby gully when he heard a booming voice yell at him, “Get your head down, Marine!”  He turned around and there stood a Marine officer in full dress blues, glaring at him.  He was clean as a button and sharp as a tack.   Jack was very confused because he himself was covered in mud.  While asking himself how in the hell this officer got here in that condition, and why he wasn’t in his combat fatigues,  Jack heard a loud explosion that covered him in mud and debris.  After  the dust had settled Jack turned to where the officer had been to find that he was gone.  He then looked towards the gully where he was about to go…a ten foot wide crater was in its’ place.

Jack came home to raise two wonderful children and be a devoted husband.  He also lived his life as an example of how a Christian should be.  While battling cancer our pastor came to ask Jack, “How is your soul, Jack?”  Jack told him it was fine and asked him,  “How’s yours?”  Even as he lived his last days he was the one teaching and helping and consoling.  I have no doubt that the encounter he had with that Marine Angel made him more Christ like than anyone I have ever met.

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