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Yes! God Still Answers Prayers

Maria D. Acosta

This story is a true story as told to me by my wonderful mother who has since departed this earth.

The year was 1967 and my mother had been hospitalized at Glendale Adventist Hospital for four months.  What started out as a simple appendectomy has turned into an a life threatening disease. My mother’s diagnosis was never really revealed to her.  The doctors were puzzled as to why my mother developed an infection in her abdominal area.  She became weaker & weaker. She was in and out of exploratory surgeries several times.  She deteriorated to 90 lbs and the doctors informed my father that my mother was going to die.

My mother, a staunch Catholic prayed and prayed for a miracle.  She did not want to die because she still had 4 children who  still needed her.  Then, one night, my mother said that a young man entered her room. She described him as a dark Middle Eastern looking man.  He came to the side of her bed and asked her if he could pray for her.

My mother said, Yes, of course. The young man reached toward my mothers hands and held them firmly in his own hands.  He did not utter one single word, but prayed silently. After he finished praying, the only words he told my mother were “You will be alright” and he quietly left the room.

That night, my mother’s surgical incisions began draining with the infection that was in her abdominal cavity.  My mother said that the nurses had to change her sheets four or five times. It seems all of the infection was being spilled out of my mother.  The next morning, my mother said that she felt good and was even craving some food.  She had not eaten solids in over four months. The doctors were astounded at her recovery and she said she even made the medical journal.

I truly believe that the young man was an angel of God who had come to heal my mother. I truly believe that angels are all around us and are sent to us when we truly need them.

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