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A Beautiful Start To My Day

I’d like to share a story of an experience I had this morning, not even ten minutes ago. Just a little background first. I am an artist. I specialize in drawing angels, in particular, baby angels. I have drawn all my life but

Heaven’s Lessons

I want to tell of a dream I had some years ago. It has been a while and I have lost some of the content of that dream (details), but hope and pray that God can help me remember the important stuff. I remember

Should We Worship Angels?

There are some Christians that believe in angel worship. However, this runs in sharp contrast to what the Bible says. God is very adamant when it comes to whom we give our worship. Worship, on the broad scale, means much more than just

Guardian Angel in an Elevator

Yesterday as I was in an elevator in the Time Warner Building going from my gym to Whole Foods. A couple and I began to speak with each other. They asked me how I was, and although they were complete strangers to me

Angel in the Darkness

Since I was old enough to remember, my dad has been in the ministry and is still a pastor of a church in my hometown. When I was around ten years old my father had just been led to serve as a Associate/Youth Pastor at

How NOT to Communicate With Angels

If you scroll through the search engines you will find this question answered in myriad ways with most of the answers based on the author’s opinion, or what someone else has said in a fictional book or movie. You will be told to

Do Humans Become Angels When They Die?

I watched a movie the other day starring the country music queen, Dolly Parton. “Unlikely Angel” was the story of a young singer who died and. upon entering heaving, was sent back to earth to do good deeds to “earn her wings” as

Particle of Space Upon the Outer Banks of the Universe

Bounced particle of being Between string and beyond the Outer Banks of the Universe Once trapped light of harmony free upon the contrails of existence Absent gravity’s pull sunbathing in the cosmic glow of eternal jubilee Bounced; bumped; transfixed permutation of identity Spiritual

The Charged

Four years ago I dreamed I stepped out of my body while I was sleeping; I looked back at my body and smiled. There was a sense of peace that swept over me me as I watched my body sleeping. Suddenly a bright flash

Saving Hands

The rain has barely let up in the City of Makati (here in the Philippines). Hundreds of commuters were stranded and literally swarming along the highway. I felt as helpless as the person next to me. Buses were nowhere in sight and the