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An Angel With Ronnie

DO I BELIEVE IN ANGELS? MOST CERTAINLY. In June 2000 my husband, Ronnie, was transported to the hospital for a prior lung condition. When being examined by the ER doctor he felt a lump in Ronnie’s chest. Ronnie and I had been aware

Out Of The Darkness

Angels……… You say, “There is no such thing as angels”? I am alive today to tell you, if you don’t believe, you’re making a big mistake! After my management position was eliminated at a previous company, I decided to start driving tractor trailers

My Grandmother’s Spirit

I’ve been feeling lonely and sad lately.  I don’t have any close friends only acquaintances.  The close friends I had moved away and I have only a few family members left.  But I’ve always been very close to my grandmother, however, she died

Angels in the News

Listed below are stories of angels and other spiritual beings in the news:   Did an angel save a girl from dying in the hospital? Passers-by were ‘angels’ when girl, 6, lost hand   Do you know of articles or videos of true