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Angel Security Guard

Angel Across the Street from Church Brokenhearted and filled with anger I stormed out of our youth group meeting. My girlfriend, my only real reason for going to the church youth group on Wednesday night, had broken up with me. Looking back it was

Guidance in a Dream

I wanted to share a dream/vision God gave me. This dream however was so real I think I actually was out of bed and experienced it physically. I was saved about five years before this dream/vision and had slid back to my old

The Little Girl

by Jessica Mathieu One night when I was about five or six years old, I was sleeping in my bed. Across from me was a dresser with a huge mirror on it. Before I went to sleep, my mom was on the phone in the kitchen and I

They Called me Angela

BY Angela Smallwood My story is one that my parents have told me and I truly believe in God and his angels. It happened over 26 years ago in a cathedral in Coventry, England.My mum and dad had been married a year, both

Saved from Dangerous Wreck

by Sherry Amos I live in Virginia where you can find steep, curvy roads anywhere you travel.  My three children and I were on one of these roads on day in 1994 or 1995.  I remember leaving the house, not because I needed

Comfort from Angels

By Angela Blackwelder My story begins in November of 97′.    Mom had a little cough.    It sounded like maybe an allergy.    My sister Brenda called and said that Mama just couldn’t seem to get over it.  I phoned Mama and insisted she go

Miracle on the Garden State Parkway

By John Argenziano   It was the summer of 1992, and I was visiting a friend in New Jersey. On my way home, while getting on the entrance to the Garden State Parkway, I gunned my corvette to meet the speed of the

Bedside Angel

by Mikey Broaddus I think in our busy everyday life God sometimes brings back memories of passed blessings and help we so easily forget.  As I came across your website it brought back what, to me, could not be explained as anything more than a

God Cares for Me

by Sajayasree K K My sister is a believer in Christ and she always used to tell me about  angels – she used to tell me they wake you up at the time your prayer is needed, they  gaurd you from accidents, they give

Miracle Baby

Alison Taylor I have always been spiritual, and knew that God was in my heart and soul. It was Christmas Eve. day, and my siblings and I were cleaning the house for our mother, as she was busy cooking and preparing for Christmas.I don’t recall