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God Visited me in a Dream

You have dreams that you can’t remember and you have dreams that you can only remember parts of it.  Then, you have the dreams that just never go away.  God visited me in a dream about eleven years ago.  I still remember it

God’s Miraculous Intervention

by Clyde Robichaud I am submitting this story for the inspiration and enjoyment of the reading audience. These are not events that transpired in my own life but in the life of a man who became a very close and personal friend of

Caught by an Angel

by Angel Gamboa Hello my name is Angel Gamboa and I have a wonderful story to share. In June of 2004, my friend and coworker, David, received a phone call at work that his three-year-old son had fallen from a 20-foot high balcony

Gabriel’s Visit

by Teri Hughes It was August 16, 1994 when I awoke with a jolt after a startling dream. (The question that still remains is that was it a dream, or a vision, or an angelic visitation sent by God?) In the dream I

The Long Road Home

by Teri Hughes It was the fall of 1994. We live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and winters are pretty snowy and roads treacherous. My “baby” boy, Ryan, was off to college for the first time, up north in Corvallis at OSU. The hunting season

The Lady in White

by Carla Spiegel In the summer of 1978, my husband spent the day shopping for my birthday present.  It was June 21, and the weather was glorious.  I spent the day visiting with my grandparents.  Sometime during the afternoon the palm of my left

Meet the King of the Angels

All Hail, King Jesus! If an angel were to appear to us right now, we might be tempted to worship it. This happened to the Apostle John. “When I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of

Siren Song

by Carrie The Mallee country of Victoria (Australia) where I lived as a child is hot and dry. We?d often go for weeks on end with the temperature hovering around 100 degrees (F). This meant great swimming pool weather. It was the end

Angel that Blew the Car Horn

By Carrie One Saturday in October 1976 my husband, me and our three young children were driving to a church camp at Burrell Pines on the NSW (Australian) South Coast when our lives were saved by a miracle of God’s Divine intervention. The

How God Saved my Life

by Nora Miller I was thirty-nine years old when I found out that I was pregnant for the first time in my life. My husband and I had tried for sixteen years to have a child. We had tried every medical way to have