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“Will You Marry Me?”

submitted by Ally I was divorced from my first husband and had re-married….I felt I had truly found my soul mate. I was finally involved in a great church (my first husband and I only attended church occasionally) and was attending a Ladies

Staying Tuned In

by Linda Van Fleet Sometimes we expect God to send angels to help us and other people who are in need.  But, maybe God wants YOU to be the “angel.”  This is illustrated in a letter I received this week from my sister,

The Miraculous

submitted by Diane M. Hale ”I will pour out my Spirit On those who serve me…and signs on the earth below…” [Acts 2:18-19 The Message] As I stood pumping gas mentally grumbling at the price of gasoline and wondering at my ability to

Heavenly Watchfulness

From “Story of the Week” a weekly newsletter published by author, Joan Wester Anderson Used by permission A few years ago Meredith Mulock took her three young children to a park in the mountains of Colorado. At the edge of the park was

My Angel

by Colleen Garber My sweet and beautiful angel You guide me through each day, You have a way of shining in your own spiritual way. Your hair are locks of red, so long and ever flowing, Your face is pure and peaceful and

Christ Love

Christ Love by Shirley Smothers Heart beats young Heart beats old, A love of Christ Your heart beats bold.   Be ye rich Be ye poor, A love of Christ You’ll have so much more.   The rain falls On just and unjust.

Mother’s Life Saved by an Angel

By Carrie One night in 1963 when I was a teenager living in Ouyen in the Mallee country of Victoria (Australia), my mother was asleep in bed when someone shaking her shoulder awakened her. As Mum was a widow and slept alone, it

God Still Answers Prayer

by Linda Van Fleet My daughter visited me last weekend. She was depressed and discouraged because of a corporate legal battle she has been caught up in through no wrongdoing on her part. Named a party in a lawsuit between a client and

George Washington’s Vision

From NewsMax.com and other sources In the National Tribune, 1880, an article appeared giving an account of the “Vision of Washington” at Valley Forge. The account was told by a gentleman named Anthony Sherman, who supposedly was at Valley Forge during the winter

A Changed Life

by Arthur King My name is Arthur King, and I am an alcoholic. In the summer of 1995 I found myself broke and destitute because of my alcoholism. I started to say the quick prayer I always said when things weren’t going my