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Amee’s Angel

This story is possibly fictional but is still a great inspiration — a “modern day” parable that restores one’s faith in God’s love. There was still a steady rain when Amee trudged into the shelter at the bus stop that evening. Sitting heavily

We Are Not Alone

About ten years ago, I was very lost in life. Many stressful things were going on in my life and I needed some guidance. I went to my public library to view different kinds of books. A woman who was speaking to another

He’ll Never Leave Me

Have you ever been sick and doctors could not find out what was wrong with you? Well that is what happened to me in the summer of 2005. I had just started a new job, which I absolutely loved. My co-workers displayed a

God Knew What Was Needed

I have been married to a wonderful, hardworking man for twenty years. We have raised seven children together, his, mine and ours. He has worked hard everyday to support this family; sometimes working two jobs. A few years ago he was diagnosed with

Meghan’s Angel

A hallucination? A dream? Her guardian angel? Meg doesn’t know for sure but she does know a big shining man rescued her from “the monster” when she was just five years old. Her life threatened by a man who lived with them, Meg

Where Angels Walk

The author of the books, “Where Angels Walk,” and In the Arms of Angels, Joan Wester Anderson has a vast resource of information about the subject of angels. She shares a few of her stories on this site for your enjoyment. By Joan

Angels Watch Over Us

Sometimes it is a gentle voice — and sometimes it screams for our attention, but if we listen, truly listen, we will hear the voice of God in our hearts, or His holy angels speaking to our minds, warning us, comforting us, instructing

Enough Lord!

“He came to a broom tree, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. `I have had enough, Lord,’ he said. `Take my life…’” (1 Kings 19:4 NIV). This is a remarkable chapter in the Bible. We think of Elijah as

The Miracle of Sarah

by Pam Cross I am writing about a miracle that happened several years ago. It was such a powerful miracle DayStar Television made a reenactment of the story. The day after my daughter came out of the hospital, I sensed the Lord saying

Michelle’s Miracle

Whose Report Shall You Believe? by Linda Van Fleet “Mom, I have ovarian cancer. I’m going to die!” The person on the other end of the phone was incoherent; sobbing brokenly as the words squeaked out in a high pitched mournful, wailing screech.