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Did Angels Help This Young Boy?

It’s a mystery to some why young children and animals can see into the realm of the spirit world while adults cannot. I believe it is because young children aren’t jaded. There’s no skepticism; just open belief and trust. In fact, as we

The Message in the Sky

My mom and I were very close. After a stroke in 1992, she had right side paralysis and my father became her primary caregiver. She loved life and never allowed the stroke to hold her back. In 2010, my father became wheelchair bound,


In April 2014, I had a major surgery, a hysterectomy. The day after the operation the catheters were removed, and the nurse told me I had to get out of bed and walk a little. I felt exhausted, and every movement caused me

Finding Contentment

  We live in a world of wanting more and more … bigger, better. Sometimes we lose sight of the reality of who we are. What we are becomes our focus, our goal. Today’s verse from the Touched by an Angel television program

The Angel Over the Right Shoulder

Following is a fictional story written by Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps in 1852. Enjoy! “There! a woman’s work is never done,” said Mrs. James; “I thought, for once, I was through; but just look at that lamp, now! it will not burn, and

Redeeming Love

God is love… a basic concept of the Christian faith not understood by too many of us. This powerful clip from the Touched by an Angel series illustrates the power of redeeming love — the love that brought Christ to earth; the love

Angel Caught on Camera

Is Seeing Believing? When this mother saw what she believes to be an angel — she believed. They were preparing to say goodbye to their beloved family member when pneumonia took it’s toll on her but instead, a miracle of God happened! Hospital

Through God’s Eyes

In today’s society both sexes are cajoled into believing they are only as good as they look to others. Oftentimes we end up thinking we’re not pretty enough, good enough, handsome enough or strong enough to measure up to the expectations of others.

Starting Over

Always starting over?  Remember that God makes beautiful things out of the dust. So no matter your situation of yesterday, you are at the beginning of a new and beautiful future. Trust Him to create all things new in your life. Allow Him


If you are like me … and I think you are … then you don’t like to wait for things. You want God to help you now. So, like me, you probably try to help Him out. He’s asking us to wait. Trust.