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Victory over Evil Spirits

I have many dreams and some are just silly dreams and others have more meaning to them. I had this dream about a year ago that I’m about to share with you.

I was at my grandpa’s house, a house has been known to be haunted with evil spirits. In this dream I was wearing all white from my neck all the way to my feet. As I was standing there, I could feel evil all around me. The doors was opening and closing very fast the chairs were spinning around in the air and the lights flickered and paper and trash flew around the room. It looked like a tornado was in my grandpa’s house. As I was standing there seeing all this Grandpa, Mom and someone else were sitting there on the floor in front of the television, as if in a trance. I pulled and yelled but they wouldn’t move. It was as if they had turned to stone.

So I started singing to God. Suddenly things got worse!. The furniture was moving, the evil spirits were screaming. But I kept singing to God. As I sang to the Lord my family started coming out of their trances. Finally they came out the trance and I got them out the house where they were safe.

I awoke still singing to God. Most people talk in there sleep, but I sing to God in my sleep. I believe that even in dreams my faith is tested.

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