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Two Inches Closer to Heaven

Just prior to my mother-in-law’s death my wife and I each had very unusual dreams. Even though I believe in God I tend to relate death with pain and this has caused me to be afraid of it. In my dream I was visited by what I thought was an angel who told me that death was not something to be feared. While laying flat on my back in bed my soul then separated from my body and lifted about an inch above the bed.

It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced and I asked to go just a little closer to Heaven. As my soul raised another inch or so above the bed I started to see a dim orange light surrounded by black. In my dream my wife reached over and grabbed me trying to keep me with her. I wondered if it might not be a dream but the real thing; that I might be having a heart attack and really dying. While wanted to go a little further I also didn’t want to leave my wife so my soul slowly lowered back down and rejoined my body. I immediately woke up and was laying on my side. My wife wasn’t touching me at all. I know that God sometimes uses angels to visit people in their dreams but this could just be a simple dream, nothing else. Either way I would give just about anything just to have the dream again; it was wonderful.

After visiting my mother-in-law in the assisted living home my wife and I drove the 600 miles back home, only to find out that she had a turn for the worse and that she wasn’t expected to live for another week. We hadn’t even unpacked our bags before we turned around and drove back. When we arrived we decided to get a few hours sleep before going back over to the assisted living home. My wife told me that while sleeping she had a dream that she was taken into Heaven where she saw a great big church with curved ramps on each side. She saw a man walking briskly toward her. It was her father all dressed up in his suit. He had died 26 years earlier. She asked where he was going in such a hurry and he told her that he was going to get her mother.

My wife immediately woke up and drove over to the assisted living home to be with her mother. I stayed in bed as I was wiped out after the long drive. My wife sat at her mother’s side and while holding her hand she told her how much she loved her and appreciated everything that she did for the family. Her mother couldn’t talk or even open her eyes but did squeeze my wife’s hand in response. My wife then told her mother that everything would be okay, and that dad was coming for her. Another minute or so went by when the nurse came over and confirmed that she had passed away. The nurse who had been there the whole time told my wife that it was the most beautiful death she had ever experienced.

My mother-in-law was a wonderful person and my wife and I receive a lot of comfort because of the things leading up to the death. We chose to believe that these events leading up to her death was not coincidental but that heavenly beings (possibly angels) were in control.
Submitted by Fred

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