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They Called me Angela

BY Angela Smallwood

My story is one that my parents have told me and I truly believe in God and his angels. It happened over 26 years ago in a cathedral in Coventry, England.My mum and dad had been married a year, both had been married before and each had a child by their previous partners. Although my parents couldn’t get married in a church, they did get the marriage blessed in God’s house afterwards with my brother and sister as bridesmaid and pageboy.

Mum and Dad had been trying for a baby since they married. They both felt that another child would make them a whole family. Even though they loved the two they had with all their hearts, Mum wanted Dad to be the blood father to her child and vice versa.

Although she had many tests, they came back negative and by now she was desperate for another baby to love. My Mum loves historical building and churches so they visited Coventry Cathedral. While my mum was looking around my Dad went into a small private prayer room. He knelt down and prayed for a little baby. Suddenly he said that he felt very warm even though the cathedral was freezing, and he felt a pair of huge hands on his shoulders. Suddenly he knew that Mum was going to get pregnant.

He walked back to find my mum and she says he had tears in his eyes when he said, “We are going going to be pregnant soon.” My mum smiled and said she knew they would; they just have to keep trying. But my dad told her that he knew for a fact that they were.

A month later they found out that Mum was a month pregnant with me. Until this day Dad swears that someone was in that room with him and that God sent me to them (in answer to prayer). They named me Angela.

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