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The Rainbow

By Lynne Richardson

My daughter, Christy, was a Special Education teacher for a small, rural school district in East Texas. Besides teaching, she is the mother of three beautiful children. Ailish, age eight, attends the same school where Christy teaches; three-year-old Ian and two-year-old Ainslea are ‘stay-at-home’ kids.

On November 11, 2005, Christy and Ailish were on their way home from school. Christy was momentarily distracted and when her attention was focused back on the highway, she was headed for a mailbox. She overcorrected the car, lost control and crashed into a tree. The impact sent the car back across the highway to crash into yet another tree. The demolished car burst into flames under the hood.

A witness to the accident extinguished the fire while his wife checked for survivors. When asked if she was okay, my granddaughter stated, “I’m okay but my mommy has gone to heaven to be with Jesus”.

She was right. Her mother was killed on impact.

My granddaughter’s seatbelt broke during the accident leaving bruising where the seatbelt had been. Her profile was imprinted in the windshield of the car. She had no cuts on her face, no broken bones and no bruises except those left by the seatbelt. It is truly a miracle that she survived the accident.

I know that Christy is with God. Still, my heart is broken and there are things that those of us left behind must do. The hardest thing I have had to do was to face Christmas without her and to decide what to do with those special gifts that I had bought just for her. After giving it a great deal of thought, I decided to give the gifts to her sister. I placed the gifts on the bed in our guest bedroom where they stayed for several days. Every now and again, I would go in and touch the gifts but I couldn’t bring myself to wrap them.

One morning I went to the guest room to ‘touch’ the gifts; however, I was stopped at the door by a most unusual sight. Inside the room was a beautiful rainbow. It started at the baseboard on one side of the bed, continued across the bed where the gifts were laid and ended on the baseboard at the other side of the bed. I remember calling my husband to come look at the rainbow; I don’t remember anything else. I believe the rainbow was a message from Christy telling me she was in heaven and happy that her sister would be receiving the gifts.

Do I believe in angels? Yes, I believe that Christy was an angel on Earth and that she was called home to be with her Savior, Jesus Christ. I also believe that divine intervention saved my granddaughter, Ailish.


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