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The Little Girl

by Jessica Mathieu

One night when I was about five or six years old, I was sleeping in my bed. Across from me was a dresser with a huge mirror on it. Before I went to sleep, my mom was on the phone in the kitchen and I was listening to her talk about one of her friends. I dozzed off really fast and slept about three hours. I awoke about midnight and slowly opend my eyes. Everything was still kind of blurry so I was about to roll over and go back to sleep. However, as I rolled on my back I noticed the hallway light was off and I saw something glowing on my dresser. I rubbed my eyes and saw a little girl was on her knees facing me. She was glowing white, had long dark wavy brown hair ( a little past her sholders) and a light complexion.  She just looked at me. I was so scared. All of a sudden I thought,  , “She’s an angel.  Don’t be scared”. I pulled the covers over my head and in a flash I was asleep.

The next morning as I was eating breakfast at the table with my mom and brother, the phone rang. “Hello? Aww, I was just thinking about you!” my mom said in an amusing voice. “You’ll never guess what happened to me last night!” she continued. “I saw a little girl in a white gown run from my son’s room to my daughter’s room….. no it wasn’t Jess.  I checked to see if it was her; she was fast asleep…. yah, she was probebly pretending.” My mom glared at me. “And the next time I see her run to her brother’s room again at night, there isn’t gonna be any more staying up late!”

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