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The Little Angel

My true story happened last year. I am totally blind, and have been since I was a tiny baby. Yet God is so awesome to be letting me see angels!

I dreamed that I saw a little angel, kind of like a cherub. I had no idea where I was, but there was this group of people around me. Out of nowhere I was suddenly looking at this angelic figure. I think someone was holding it. At first I thought it was a toy or a porcelain doll, but every time I saw it’s face, I would see a faint starlight glow, different to that of any glow seen on earth.

That was so frightening! What I found peculiar was that the angel was so small, smaller than the palm of my hand, yet could still have such a countenance about him. The glow was like that of an angel in a dream I had last year, who kept pointing me away from certain fields which were dangerous. The glow was also like that of another angel I saw while I was still awake who told me not to go near the jug to boil water for coffee. That jug actually exploded only a short time afterwards while my mother was boiling water! This took place last year too.

Back to my dream: This little cherub was being passed around and the other people, mostly boys – I think teenagers, didn’t seem so scared which seemed strange to me. It seemed that I was the only one scared of it. The face, every time it was passed to me reminded me of Ezekiel’s vision of the four living creatures, cherubim, and one of them had a cherub’s face. This angel’s face looked to me like that cherub’s face miniature sized! The cheeks were chubby and puffed out, the little mouth reminded me of a doll but more perfected somehow and the rest of the body looked like a doll’s body but more the shape of an angel.

When it was passed around to me once again I decided that my fear might be my imagination or something of sorts putting me off, so I took more time to study him. Sure enough it looked like it could be a doll, but it was warm; maybe our hands made it warm, but after a few seconds of touching the angel, I found that it animated it’s own heat. I knew it was living then. That scared me a bit. Then the face – it continued to fascinate me. I started to wonder, was it really glowing or was it just my imagination?

I stared at it, then after a few seconds I saw that same starlight glow, the one I saw in the face of the angel in the dream about the fields and the other one in my vision of the dangers of going near the jug that exploded. What startled me apart from realizing that indeed it was glowing and was not my imagination was that the little angel had it’s own presence, the same presence as a normal-sized angel! I realised I was holding a miniature angel! I quickly lifted it away from my eye level – I was half bowed with fear by that time, so I lifted it to my right shoulder. Then it stretched it’s tiny arms across my shoulder as if to comfort me and show me that he was not dangerous, but every time I looked at his face, I saw the angel’s starlight glow, the same as the angels as described above. Knowing that it really was a miniature-sized angel scared me so much that I woke up.

Lately I have been asking God to guard me with his “little” angels, which I know are gigantic, but compared with the omnipotent God Almighty, little.

Michelle Johnson

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