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The Lady in White

by Carla Spiegel

In the summer of 1978, my husband spent the day shopping for my birthday present.  It was June 21, and the weather was glorious.  I spent the day visiting with my grandparents.  Sometime during the afternoon the palm of my left hand began to burn.  I rubbed it and even brought it to my grandparents attention.

Then the phone rang.  My grandma answered and immediately handed the phone to me.  It was a doctor from a neighboring town.  His message, if I could get there in five minutes I could ride with my husband in the ambulance to the city. He stated that my husband’s left hand had been injured in an auto accident and needed special reconstructive surgery.

There was no way to get to the hospital that quick.  I told the doctor I’d follow them as soon as I could.  Later that night after the surgery had been performed, I was allowed to see my husband for the first time since that morning.  He kept asking about the “Lady in White”.  He said that a lady in white had pulled him from the wreckage and laid him on the ground.  She ripped strips of white cloth from her clothes to bind his wounds. Then she called for the rescue workers.  He said he asked everyone at the crash site where the lady in white had gone.  Did anyone get her name?  Everyone had the same answer, that they never saw anyone fitting that description.

I truly believe that an angel assisted my husband that day.  I praise the Lord for His Angel of Mercy.  Whether she was one of His “created beings” or a “Good Samaritan”, the Lord sent her to be with him.

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