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The Golden Cord

By Carrie

When I was chosen to play an angel in the Sunday school break-up play I was so excited. The year was 1949 and I was six years old and living in Reservoir Victoria (Australia). I was one of several girls playing angels in the play. We had to wear long white nighties with the wings and halos made for us by our Sunday school teacher.

My nightie wasn’t new like the other girls were and although it was freshly laundered and ironed I felt ashamed because it wasn’t as white. Not only that but all the other girls thought to bring along a ribbon or cord to tie around their waists. I felt silly as my nightie just hung straight down.

I sent up a quick pray to God for His help, I didn’t like being ‘different.’ When I opened my eyes I noticed a golden cord lying on the bench that I’d not noticed before. I asked the other girls did it belong to any of them and they all shook their heads so I put it around my waist and tied it in a knot at the front. Then the curtain went up and it was time for us ‘angels’ to do our thing. I didn’t have a speaking part, I was just part of the chorus and so I was on an end. I couldn’t help but notice that people were looking at me and pointing; even my mum. I wondered what on earth was wrong with me. I had my wings on straight and my halo had not slipped down as several of the other angels had and I knew that the golden cord I’d found securely tied my nightie – so what was the matter?

When the play was over and we’d all changed back into our regular clothes and gone to met our parents, Mum said to me, ‘Where did you get that golden cord you had around your waist? I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it seemed to glow and it made you light up too. Others said the same thing.’

‘Well I just found it lying on the bench in there.’ I told Mum, pointing to the dressing room. ‘But it’s strange because now I can’t find it. I put it on top of my things when I changed my clothes, but when I looked later it was gone. I know none of the other girls took it, because the teacher asked them and she checked their things as well.’

Did an angel put that golden cord on the bench to help make a little girl feel not out of place? I believe so because even after all these years similar things have happened to me that can’t be explained except by the hand of a loving, caring, God.

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