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The Angel And The Storm

I was leaving home for the night on a stormy night on Saturday July 17th 2010 around 8:30pm. Ironically before i had left i was looking up some articles on heavenly angels! A few miles up the road i realized that i made a wrong turn so I go to turn around when the sky’s open up. Rain and heavy, heavy winds start surrounding my little black Dodge Neon. I couldn’t see anything, and my windshield wipers had broken so I started crying out for Jesus to protect me.

I was scared for my life. I was asking Jesus to send his holy angels to protect my car and help me get to a gas station so I can wait it out. I don’t know how it happened, but i somehow ended up two cities over. I saw the gas station i was praying for and I quickly got out of my car and asked the first person I meet for a cigarette.  I asked this biker and I realized that the back of his  jacket said “Jesus is Lord”.

He started talking to me about Jesus and telling me that it was going to be okay. He had the most calming eyes and he just radiated God-love. I started shaking around him and I was vary humbled. It was so weird. I have never met anyone like that before. I cant describe the energy that I was feeling just vary peaceful.

I knew it was an angel because he was reading this Bible verse to me that was everything that was going on in my life. He never told me his name but he did say that the storm was going to be over in 20 minutes and everything was going to be okay. I told him I would be right back, that I just needed some water. Two minutes later i come back outside and he was gone. And the rain stopped. I was amazed! I believe that sometimes God sends His angels to comfort you in the time of worry.

Tina Koala

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