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Soldier Saved in Iraq

submitted by Laurie

Early this morning I received a phone call from my brother, Michael. His son, Josh, is stationed in Iraq with a unit of Marines who search for and disable explosive devices. (Josh is 24 years old and newly married). Josh’s company commander called Michael with horrible news; a missile had been fired at the vehicle Josh and his team were riding in. The vehicle was destroyed and all the soldiers injured. A terrible firefight ensued. The company commander could not give word of how Josh was, or how badly injured. We immediately started our prayer circle. One hour later, Josh called from an Iraqi hospital.

This is what he said: As soon as the missile struck, the armored vehicle flipped over and shattered all around him. Stunned, Josh began to pray to God, preparing for his death should the worse happen. He wept, he said, at the thought of never seeing his wife again and the pain he would leave behind. He begged God to send us comfort. An eternity seemed to pass before the firefight ended. Other soldiers ran to help, transporting Josh and his compatriots to a nearby hospital.

Miraculously, after the explosion, the missile fragments, the firefight and resulting dangers, none of the boys were seriously hurt. Josh swears he felt God’s peace surround during that terrible, terrifying hour. He’s in stable condition, as are the others, due to God’s grace.

[NOTE: I encourage everyone to say a special prayer for protection of all our troops in harm’s way. God is able to make all grace abound to keep them safe from harm. Thank you, Laurie, for sharing this wonderful testimony of God’s love. Linda]

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