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Signs From Mom

My mother passed away last August. The few weeks before her death she was in the hospital and she was suffering. The day she died I had went to my dad’s grave (he died when I was 5) and just sobbed to him. I asked him that if my mom was not going to get better to go to her and take her hand to heaven. I just couldn’t see her suffer like she was. I couldn’t believe I said those words but my mother had told us many times that she did not want to be resuscitated if she was very sick. She also told me many times in the hospital that she was ready to die. That she could finally be with my dad and be happy without anymore pain. That night she died. I have to think my dad had a hand in helping her cross over to heaven.

Then the day after she died I was in her bedroom with my aunt finding her clothes for the funeral. All of a sudden her touch lamp went on. This lamp was kind of special since she used it every night to sleep by. We turned it off and went on with the day. The next day at the wake I asked her for a sign. When we got home from the wake the house was pitch black until I walked into the hallway where her bedroom was and there through my mothers closed door was the touch lamp glowing so brightly. There hadn’t been a power outage or anything. We all felt such peace as we stood looking at her lamp. We turned it off later that night and it has never went on again or ever had before she died. I guess I got my sign.

About 18 days after her death I was in my bedroom reading a diary she left for me. I was crying so much and I asked her if it was her that turned on her touch lamp to come and turn on mine. (She had given me one like hers a few years back). Nothing happened until bedtime when I went back to my room from downstairs and there in my dark room was the glowing touch lamp. I was amazed. No one was around to turn on the lamp so I knew it had to be her.

Just goes to show that are loved ones are still around and watching over us. Love to you all who have lost a loved one.

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