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Searching For God

by Amrik Mahi

Some years ago I was working in London and was demoted twice in the space of eighteen months. On the first occasion I went to the Sikh Temple, my religion at the time, and dutifully prayed everyday for almost twelve months. When I got my job back I was overjoyed, but I was demoted again in six months. I went back to the Sikh Temple but there was no one to talk to and my prayers seemed to go unheard.

To make ends meet I decided to do a mini cabing (taxi) job as a second job. At this time my wife was secretly going to church and having Bible studies behind my back. I did not know but she was praying for me constantly with her Christian friends. There was a change in my wife that made me feel bad and I wanted to be happy like she was. I finally found out what she was doing and I started to pray myself for God to help me. Money was tight but somehow we always managed.

After some months we were doing well and going forward in our walk with Christ. I had heard of many stories of angels but did not really believe in them as they did not happen to me. One day I just prayed to God as I was driving, “God, if you are looking after me, put a man on the corner I am coming to and let him be going to my next job so I can make extra money.”

God did not disappoint, on the corner was a man going near to my next pick up. I laughed and said, “Too easy, God. Write it down that you are looking after me.”

A few days later I was at work in my normal job when a stunning African lady came and bought a train ticket from me. She handed me a five-pound note. On one side of the note was written in red ink: “May the Lord bless you”. When I turned the note over it said, “Jesus loves you”. The lady who gave me this money just smiled at me as I watched her walk away from my ticket window and then just disappear.

God had answered but the story does not end there. I wanted to show this note and message to my wife and friends who had led me to Christ. I took the note home and went to show it to my wife and friends. I had the note, however the writing had disappeared.

I no longer doubt that angels come to help and to deliver messages.

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