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Out Of The Darkness


You say, “There is no such thing as angels”?

I am alive today to tell you, if you don’t believe, you’re making a big mistake!

After my management position was eliminated at a previous company, I decided to start driving tractor trailers for a Maryland company. The position involved regional driving which included the states of NY, NJ, DE and PA.  The usual trip was a boring and uneventful, four hours out and four back. My family was continuously worried about me driving a tractor trailer, due to the number of serious accidents and deaths on the highways. I was somewhat leery about the job myself. However, prior to the start of my journey, I would pray for a safe trip to and from my destination.

While enroute to my destination, on a continual basis, I felt an unusual sensation while driving. It seemed as if I had a passenger riding with me. On several occasions the feeling was so strong, I had to glance over at the passenger seat to make sure no one was there. I did this again and again, night after night. Early one morning, December 2008, I was on my way with a delivery in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It was an unusual day.

On this particular day, I didn’t feel the presence of my companion. Suddenly, a pickup truck approached me at a high rate of speed swerving into my traffic lane. I moved slightly to the right to avoid the collision and heard a loud crash. I became unconscious and my truck rolled over and over out of control, down a forty foot embankment. The next thing I remember, I was standing on the highway bent over the guard rail, bleeding from several lacerations on my head. The highway was very dark and silent, with no traffic. The temperature was seven degrees.

Out of the darkness appeared a tractor trailer. The driver quickly maneuvered his rig to the side of the roadway to assist me. Upon sitting in the drivers’ vehicle, he asked, ”How did you get out of your truck”?

I responded, “I don’t know”.

The driver said, “It had to be the work of an angel, you’re truck is completely destroyed, I can’t believe you’re alive”.

I was later taken to a trauma center by a paramedic unit and treated for head and back injuries. A few weeks went by and I had to deliver some papers to my employer. When I arrived at the warehouse and entered the building, “everything stopped”. There were about forty people staring at me repeating, “It’s a miracle you’re alive”.

“Angels do exist”. They may appear in a physical or spiritual form. It has been told, that God gave everyone their own guardian angel. In their guardian roles, angels are in no way dainty. In an emergency role, angels can be like a divinely-sent first responder. They can be the fiercest of warriors and the swiftest of rescuers. Their angelic determination knows no bounds. After all, they are on a mission from God. This was apparent on that December night. 

David M. Stevens
Reisterstown, Maryland

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