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My Three Angels

From the time I was a child I always knew Angels protected me, but never knew their names.

In 1997 my nephew, Billy, was murdered. To honor him I bought an Angel pin with his birthstone and wore it everyday. Sadly, in 2003, my sister, Kathy, died.  To honor Kathy I bought another Angel pin with her birthstone and wore it with Billy’s Angel. Then in 2005 my beloved cousin, Rob, died and again I bought an Angel pin with his birthstone and wore all 3 of them everyday.  This gave me strength everyday and the Angel pins were very comforting.

Whenever I missed them or needed something from them I would touch the 3 pins over my heart and ask them to protect me and my family.  In January of 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I was at work when the doctor called and I remember screaming and crying, “OH my God no!” The doctor told me to ask a co-worker to drive me to the office so he could talk to me and explain everything I needed to know..

Before I left the office my friend, Joanne, with whom I’ve had many conversations about Angels, laid her hands on my head and asked to call my Angels for protection. When she did that I knew I would be okay; the heaviness in my heart went away.  Then in February of 2006 I was on my way to the hospital with my husband, I had the 3 Angel pins on my clothes and I asked all three of them to be with me in the operating room and protect me and heal me. I didn’t realize until  a few weeks after my surgery, that the first names of the doctors were, Bill, Kathy and Rob.  I still thank our Lord everyday for sending me his Angels.

My 3 Angels were with me then and continue to be with me today.

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