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My Grandmother’s Marriage Saver

It was March, 2007. I was lying in bed after having a fight with my husband and as always, he was talking about leaving. We had a big argument about the same things: bills and money. I was crying and lying there when I decided to talk to my grandmother who had passed away back in April of ’94. While I was telling her about what was going on I heard a faint voice tell me that it was going to be okay and that I would receive a gift in the next few days to show me that all was going to work out.

About four days later I wasn’t feeling very good; I was throwing up alot and had a high fever. I couldn’t breathe very well so I decided to go to the hospital and get checked out. When I got there they ran some test and give me a breathing test and then they asked me if there was any chance that I could be pregnant because they needed to do a X-ray on my chest to see if I had pneumonia.

I waited for awhile and about two hours later and the doctor came back in and said, “Well, the test are fine but we can’t do a chest X-ray.”

I said, “Okay, why not?” to which he replied, “Well ma’am, you’re pregnant, and you are two months along.”

Amazed, I said, “What?” and he affirmed, “Yes, you really are pregnant, but you only have a cold.”

When I was driving home for some strange reason I heard the words, “I told you it will all be alright,” and I started crying as I drove home to tell my family the good news. My husband was very excited and we made up and went back to being a happy family again.

Now we have a beautiful little girl named Rozytta Autumn Rose who is 15 months old and she is adored by her big sister Mareahya Estrella. So whenever I need some help with something I turn to my ever loving grandmother who will always help no matter where she is. 
In Loving Memory Iva Alice Sillaway Maine. I Love You Grandma.

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