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My expirience with a real angel

It all started one summer when my sister-in-law was telling us that there was some thing going on in her home. My husband and kids and I went down to her house. As we sat there we started to talk about what was going on in this  house. We agreed that we needed to pray first then wait and see what would happen. As we all started to pray I realized something was there, but it wasn’t our angels; it was, a black shadow that was going around the table where we were sitting.

I saw it and I started to get scared and then my husband started to to pray.  But it wasn’t helping. As my husband started praying the black shadow started to follow his going around the table. The next thing we all knew was that we all had to get the Bible and all read out loud. As we did that my husband sat on the sofa and my sister-in-law and I started to see an image on the wall that kept us thinking that we were safe.

That image was the wings of a great big angel that only my sister and I saw that day. After that, whatever was there went away for good.

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