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Miracle Baby

Alison Taylor

I have always been spiritual, and knew that God was in my heart and soul. It was Christmas Eve. day, and my siblings and I were cleaning the house for our mother, as she was busy cooking and preparing for Christmas.I don’t recall what my elder sister’s chore was, but I know I was assigned to clean the washroom. My younger brother, Bobo, was to dust the livingroom and polish the coffee table. I was in the washroom cleaning, when I heard my mother scream and cry. I rushed into the livingroom and asked what was wrong. My poor mother was crying and said that my baby sister Becky had drank the lemon oil that was used for polishing the furniture. My mother immediately brought Becky to the hospital, where she was admitted to intensive care. Becky was about 18 months old and the doctor gave her a grim prognosis. She had inhaled the lemon oil into her little lungs.

She was in an oxygen tent, all alone with her favourite ABC blanket. I remember my father coming home from the hospital, and asking us to pray for our baby sister. That was the first time I had ever seen my father cry. The only thing I remember was kneeling beside my bed and praying. Within a day or two, my baby sister had a miraculous recovery, and her doctor was in awe. Throughout the years, he often referred to her as “The Miracle Baby”, and he was correct.

I know in my soul that God wanted her to live, and there is no doubt in my mind, that either He was with her during her suffering or that her guardian angel was with her! My sister is alive and well, today. Unfortunately, my brother has been burdened , as he feels responsible. I will continue to pray for him.

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