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Kylie, The Miracle Baby

0n March 17, 2000 my daughter, Greta, gave birth to my grandson, Cameron. He was a beautiful baby and the apple of my eye and still is to this day. A year after his birth my daughter became pregnant but miscarried. Six months later she became pregnant and again miscarried. Greta was devastated. She suffered seven miscarriages and was told by her OBGYN that she could no longer have children. Greta wanted so much to have more children and was heart broken.

When Cameron turned two I started to have dreams that Greta became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I told her about the dream and Greta said, “Mom you know that I can’t have any more children.”

I continued to have these dreams and each time they were more vivid. I continued to talk about these dreams. In June of 2003 I had my last dream and in that dream I was holding my granddaughter in my arms she looked just like my daughter with the most beautiful green-blue eyes. I told Greta about the dream and she became every unset with me and said “Mom why are you doing this? How any times have I told you I can’t have any more children! Please stop talking about those dreams – it’s been almost two years now that you’ve had those dreams.”

I did what my daughter asked and stopped talking about the dreams. A week later while I was at my daughter’s house she made a remark that she wasn’t feeling well I looked at her and said, “You’re pregnant.” She rolled her eyes and sighed, not wanting to respond to my remark.

Three weeks passed. I got a phone call at work; it was my Greta. “Mom, I’m pregnant!” she said excitedly. Every one in our family became excited at the news of Greta’s pregnancy. She was warned by her OBGYN not to have too much hope because of her prior pregnancies and miscarriages.

Greta’s pregnancy was complicated and she almost miscarried but I knew this baby was destined to be. I told her that she was going to have a daughter, but Greta said, “Mom, that was only a dream; even the doctor said it was a boy.”

I insisted that he was wrong.

At six months Greta had an ultrasound that indicated it was a boy. Greta came to my job and showed me the ultrasound results and said, “See Mom. It’s a boy.”

I looked at the ultrasound report and replied, “Nope, it’s a girl, Greta. In my dream you had a girl.”

“Ultrasounds don’t lie, mom.”

I just smiled then said, “This one did.”

Greta went out and bought all blue baby clothing and prepared for the new baby. Two weeks before the birth her OBGYN wanted Greta to have one more ultrasound done to check the baby. To every ones surprise the ultrasound showed that it was a girl.

Greta called me and said, “Mom you were right – it is a girl! I just had an ultrasound today!”

On March 29, 2004 my granddaughter, Kylie, was born weighing ten pounds and was twenty two inches long and to every ones surprise just as I had described her in my dreams. She is now four years old we have a strong bond, I still talk about those dreams to this day. I believe that God and the angels communicate with us in our dreams. My granddaughter, Kylie is proof of that.

Submitted by Johanne Bruins.

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