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Guidance in a Dream

I wanted to share a dream/vision God gave me. This dream however was so real I think I actually was out of bed and experienced it physically.

I was saved about five years before this dream/vision and had slid back to my old ways of life. I was drinking and entered into a common-law relationship. My life was on a downhill spiral. I had suicidal thoughts and so I reached out to God and his angels to guide me. This was one of many ways God and his angels answered and helped me.
It was back in 1985 after a suicide attempt that I called to God for help. To this day I have never forgotten how real it seemed. I was exhausted and decided to go to bed after recovering and I fell into a deep dream. Now I am not a superstitious person, or one to believe in strange occurrences, however this dream had an impact on my life.

I was standing between a partition facing a hallway. There was a small room behind me which was tremendously lit. The light seemed to radiate warmth, and feelings of great joy illuminated from the light. In front of me was a hallway that was so dark it sent chills up my spine. To the right of me a shadow had formed on the wall shaped like a large person.I could tell it was human-like because the head had long hair to the shoulders and the arms were slightly bent out and up. It looked like the shadow of someone who was worshiping.

I stared for what seemed to be a long time. Then I heard a voice in my head saying, “There is darkness ahead of you. Don’t go into the darkness ahead of you. Don’t go into the darkness! Stay in the light! You must leave this place.”

I was not afraid of the voice but was terrified of the darkness. The voice kept repeating itself in my mind, and then it vanished.All I remember is staying right where I was, still in the light. When I awoke, the sun was beaming in the bedroom but all I could think about was the dream. I got up and dressed and headed for the bathroom. Suddenly I realized the dream had taken place in my apt. setting, between the doorway of those two rooms. My life at this point had been one of indecision, I has been deciding to leave this city and return home. That morning , at that moment, the decision became crystal clear. I was leaving and going back to my home town.

I felt this dream was a spiritual awakening, Needless to say my life turned around for the better.I was on a downhill road to destruction at the time and the dream opened my eyes as to where I was heading. God and his angels showed me the road to a better life.

submitted by Barbara Lavigne

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