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Guardian Angel in an Elevator

Yesterday as I was in an elevator in the Time Warner Building going from my gym to Whole Foods. A couple and I began to speak with each other. They asked me how I was, and although they were complete strangers to me I began telling them that I was upset because I could not find my cell phone.

I told them that the night before I was coming home from a dinner downtown and that the ride that normally takes about one-half hour took almost two hours. It was pouring rain and the highway had been shut down. I did not get home until 1:00 in the morning but I was grateful I did make it home. Still I was not quite myself from the experience.

We chatted a bit longer and then the man said to me, “Don’t worry; your cell phone is right on the end table where you left it.”

While I was shopping and on the way home I was thinking about my phone and already musing about what I would do if I had lost it.

When I got home, I looked and truly the cell phone was exactly where he said it was – on my end table. It reminded me of how blessed I am to run into people, even complete strangers, who are so connected to the spirit that they have the power to know these things and comfort me with the truth.
Elaine Springer

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