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God’s Lessons

by Simon Mee

Just as a parent will often let a child learn from their mistakes the hard
way, such is the way that God will also work.

I work about two hours away from my home, and at least twice weekly I make
the long journey up and down some of England’s most treacherous motorways, in
particular the M25 London orbital. For many months I would often drive home
for my days off following a 12-14 hour shift, and understandably I was very
tired after the long day.

On two occasions I almost came perilously close to having an accident. The
first time I had fallen asleep at the wheel I was woken suddenly by the sound
of the car tyres grating over the motorway rumble strips. Realizing what had
happened I thanked my lucky stars nothing more serious had occurred.

The second time round I had once more decided to drive home tired. I fell asleep
again, only to be woken as the car shuddered along the grass verge of the motorway.
After this you would have thought I had learnt my lesson.

As the old saying goes, “everything happens in threes.” After another
long day at work I was all set to go home for a few much-needed days of rest.
I’d already been awake for around 17 hours. A voice in my head told me to go
to sleep, but my desire to get home early to see my friends and family stubbornly
over-rode this voice.

Whilst driving along the M25 during a busy evening period God chose to teach
me a painful lesson for failing to learn from my past mistakes. I fell asleep
again. This time, however, the consequences were much more frightening. Whilst
sleeping I’d drifted off toward the motorway crash barrier. Suddenly waking
I realized too late what had happened. The car spun out of control and time
seemed to slow down for me as the car skidded 720 degrees across four lanes
of busy oncoming traffic, coming to rest on the hard shoulder, the car facing
the way it had when I had spun out of control.

I immediately crossed myself and said praise to Jesus because I knew I probably
should have been killed. Coming to a stop near the emergency telephone I checked
myself over. Apart from being shaken I was completely unharmed. Not even whiplash
from the fierce skid.

The car however was a different story. The rubble near the crash barrier had
blown out my back tyre, which had caused me to lose control of the car. The
rear axle had bent inward and the car was rolling along on the rear alloy. The
back bumper had also come loose. It would mean a very expensive trip to the

Anyone who has ever traveled on the M25 will tell you what a dangerous motorway
it is. I still can’t begin to comprehend how none of the many cars traveling
well in excess of 60-70 miles an hour all managed to avoid colliding with me.
Being a Christian I attribute this to God. He had already warned me twice with
near misses, even supplanting that little voice in my head before hand, which
had told me to get some rest before I set off. I’d ignored it almost to my peril.

So God chose to take things a step further and ram home this message. It had
taken a near fatal experience to finally knock some sense into me. God and his
angels had protected me that evening, and I’m now a lot more careful and sensible
when it comes to driving home after work. If I hear that voice telling me to
rest before hand, I do.

The message I leave you is this. God is all loving but like a parent his lessons
may often involve a bit of harsh discipline. Always listen to what God tells
you and try and learn from your mistakes the first time they occur! God had
not meant me any harm that night. I truly believe that he was watching over
me that evening. I still wonder what might have been if one of the cars had
collided with me as I skid perilously across the motorway. I wouldn’t be here
writing this, that much I am sure of. But like a loving farther He knew that
I’d have to learn the hard way. Now I never drive home after a busy working
day. After 3 warnings I know if I fall asleep for a forth time I will most likely
be sleeping forever.

God bless and praise the Lord. Through him all things are possible. Thanks for


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