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God Cares for Me

by Sajayasree K K

My sister is a believer in Christ and she always used to tell me about  angels – she used to tell me they wake you up at the time your prayer is needed, they  gaurd you from accidents, they give you warnings, etc. But since I never had a personal experience I was never in a position to explain about angels to others. However, I believe that God has sent them to protect us.

So this morning I was just asking God for a personal experience. And this afternoon I was sure of the guardian angel I have with me. I was riding my bike in the busy road of Bangalore and we were waiting for the green signal. I didn’t know that a part of my dress was stuck in a bike next to mine. After 9 seconds the green signal turned on and this bike started in full speed. I tried to stop him but he couldn’t hear what I was saying. Then with great force I managed to pull my dress out of that bike. It came out easily.

If I had not been able to do that, I might have fallen down the road with so many vehicles behind me. I really was saved from a big accident.

I was depressed of some things in my life before this incident. After this I got the proof that “God Cares for Me”, a type of reassuring, it encouraged me much, much more.
Thank God.  He sent His Angel in charge over me and asked me to be careful in future. Praise the Lord for everything in my life.

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