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Copyright Notice:

“Dear Webmaster, I am creating my own website. I love your stories and poems! May I have your permission to copy the stories on your beautiful site?” Or,

“Dear Webmaster, I am writing a book. May I use the stories on your site?”

Our answer is found below. Please follow these guidelines.

We do not and cannot give permission to use any stories, poems or articles found on our website. The content of this website is copyrighted material. You may read it, enjoy it and borrow from its content to teach a class or preach a sermon, or to do your school projects, however, you must reference the full website address as the source.

You may not copy the website content for publication on any other website, e-zines, other electronic media or print publication.

Use of materials on this website in any form, personal, commercial, or non-commercial requires permission directly from the authors and/or his or her publisher. We are not directly affiliated with the contributors of stories and poems and only serve to represent them in a positive and uplifting manner. Please do not ask us for the contact information since we are not allowed to disclose any of our contacts according to our company policy. I do not provide the email addresses for the authors of the stories unless they have expressly asked me to do so. If the email address is posted on their story, you may contact them. However, do not ask me to provide their name/address, etc. You will simply be directed to this page.

Authors of stories submitted to this website may send their original stories to other websites if they so desire, but they may not copy the edited stories from this site to be posted on other websites or in any other media.

You may link to the site with the following code. Copy and paste this code into your web page:

<a href=”http://ibelieveinangels.com/”>Do You Believe in Angels?</a>

Your link will look like this when viewed on the web:

Do You Believe in Angels?

Please observe the copyright laws and be aware that infringement on copyrights is a federal offense.

For more information out internet copyrights, please visit this site:
10 Big Myths About Copyrights Explained

Thank you,

Linda Van Fleet