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Someone Watching Over Me

Submitted by Trish Carns Trish Carns tells the story of how “someone” saved her and her sisters from death. Says Trish, “One day when I was ten years old, my Mom and two sisters were sitting in the living room watching Television. I

Angel Visitations

By Harold Bluer My name is Harold and I am a senior citizen. My wife and I live in our own home. I am hard of hearing and wear a hearing aid in both ears. Our rooms are across the hall from each

The Missing Wedding Ring

by Elizabeth Abbott It was the day before Elizabeth Abbot’s second wedding anniversary. She was at work in a meeting when suddenly she jumped up exclaiming, “Oh my God! I’ve lost my wedding ring!” In a near panic, she ran down five flights

Angels in our Laps

by Joan Wester Anderson used by permission The trip had started out like hundreds of others. Lorie Torbeck, of Appleton, Wisconsin-with the help of her teenage daughter, Eryn—-had buckled the seven children who attended Lorie’s home day care into their seats in Lorie’s

God’s Lessons

by Simon Mee Just as a parent will often let a child learn from their mistakes the hard way, such is the way that God will also work. I work about two hours away from my home, and at least twice weekly I

Touched by an Angel

submitted by Adele On August 13,1996 my three year old granddaughter, Brittany, was sleeping in my bedroom. When I got up to go to work, I awakened her mother, Jill, to go lay with her as I was afraid she might awaken and

Angel Voices

Have you heard the voice of an angel? Three of our members have. Their stories are simple, yet profound. They will always believe they heard the voice of an angel. When Michelle Waits thanks God she is especially grateful for simply being alive.

The Big Man at the Accident

Harry L. Hopkins Suzie was on her way home when the kids convinced her to stop and buy a pumpkin.  She pulled over to the pumpkin patch at the side of the highway and proceeded to the center of the pumpkin patch with

Angels in the Hospital

by Donna Clark In October of 1993, my Grandmother took suddenly ill while at church. She was experiencing severe pain in her abdominal area. The doctor admitted her for tests and observation, they couldn’t find an apparent cause of the pain. The following