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A Big Man Caught Me

by Linda Van Fleet A friend shares the following story about her nephew, Billy. Young Billy loved to go to work with his Dad. Although he was only five years old, he had his own hammer and wanted to “help” his dad build

The Angel in my Life

By Mike Dowdy Some might say that an angel raised me although to most she was simply my maternal grandmother. My mom died eight days before my second birthday, when she was just twenty-eight years old. My dad died before I was nine.

I know Who Holds Tomorrow

I just returned from New Jersey. While enroute there I was stuck in traffic on Interstate 81, just below the Virginia State line, (Bristol, Tennessee), due to a traffic accident with a fatality involved. This accident involved a tanker truck hauling a hazardous

The Angel’s Soft Touch

by Kathy Partridge In March of 1979 I was pregnant with my first child. My husband walked away from me and our unborn baby. I had no idea where he was, so I couldn’t get in touch with him to see if he

Angel Who Bought the Flute

by Karen LaRoche A number of years ago, when my two girls, Sarah and Rebecca, were 15 and 13 years old, respectively, the three of us were very financially strapped. It was necessary to advertise Rebecca’s flute for sale. I left for work

Good Samaritans and Angels

by Melissa Ferguson (This story was written about in the Miami News Reader April 8, 1997) In April of 1997 my son Bradley, who would turn five years old in May, was once again under my feet and causing mischief. Trying to get

Angel in the Phys-Ed Class

Submitted by Linda Pierce I was about 14 years old. I came from a home with alcoholic parents and virtually alone. I had no friends and was dabbling in witchcraft and any other form of occult studies that I could find. I wanted

Angel at the Train Station

by Donna Murray, Australia I had to stay with my mother in law at her house for a few days when I got very ill with a viral condition in my stomach. I went to the doctors and he gave me some tablets

The Angel from “Gunsmoke”

by Linda Van Fleet I was returning home to Atlanta from a 1500 mile trip to visit my sister when the fan belt on my car broke on Mount Eagle, a very steep, treacherous grade near Nashville, Tennessee. I had already had so

Mysterious Stranger

by Valerie Mirch Valerie Mirch is convinced a young mysterious stranger was her husband’s guardian angel. She tells the story in her own words: “On October 2, 1995, my husband, Bobby was at work contemplating his 46th birthday the next day.  He’d just