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Michelle’s Miracle

Whose Report Shall You Believe? by Linda Van Fleet “Mom, I have ovarian cancer. I’m going to die!” The person on the other end of the phone was incoherent; sobbing brokenly as the words squeaked out in a high pitched mournful, wailing screech.

The Strong Floral Scent

Some people believe they sense the presence of angels because they leave the subtle fragrance of flowers. This story is about a woman who believes the guardian angel who saved her left a strong sweet fragrance in his wake. What do you think?

Rescued by Angels

Have you found yourself in a situation that, unless you experienced a miracle, you would surely die? Such is this short story of Gloria Loftus. She believes with all her heart she was rescued by angels. by Gloria Loftus In 1988 an angry,

The Little Girl Who Saved my Baby

In his book, Angels, Billy Graham tells the story of an angel who appeared in the form of a child who had died. Some people do not believe angels appear in the form of women or children because the Bible mentions only angels

The Rainbow

By Lynne Richardson My daughter, Christy, was a Special Education teacher for a small, rural school district in East Texas. Besides teaching, she is the mother of three beautiful children. Ailish, age eight, attends the same school where Christy teaches; three-year-old Ian and

The Night Two Angels Met

by Tamra Thomas It was the week after Christmas and my husband Brad and I were driving through Oklahoma on our way back from visiting my family in Missouri. It was a cold wintry night with blustery wind, snow and icy roads. To

A Sign From God

Several years ago a song writer penned the words, “God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.” Such is this man’s angel story. God touched his heart in a totally unexpected way when he experienced what he believes to be angel visitations

The Face of a Miracle

by Linda S. Van Fleet “Why can’t I have a baby, Gramma?” Michelle asked her grandmother with tears streaming down her face. Her cousin was having her fourth child and Michelle was childless though she had tried for ten years to get pregnant.

Ministering Angel

This story reminds me on one my Dad told many years ago. Also in the ministry, he was discouraged and thinking of quitting when a stranger appeared alongside him and gave him a word from the Lord, then disappeared. Was the stranger an

Miracle Mamma

Submitted by Michelle God has always protected men. I was giving birth to my third child on the anniversary of my mother’s death. I had to have a Cesarean due to complications with any medicine they tried on me. Suddenly, I felt heaviness